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Ep.14: Guest episode with Creative and Design Powerhouse Tanya Chua

November 25, 2021

In Episode 14, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Tanya Chua, a creative and design powerhouse. She is on a mission to bring more creativity into both education and the greater world. Tanya sits at the intersection of art and design, advertising, visual storytelling, and inspiration. She has been headhunted more times than Mad Men's Don Draper and in a former role, travelled to 35 countries to oversee on-ground PR and be the point of contact for the world-famous DJs that headlined the platform, including Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, and Pete Tong!

In this episode, they explore:

  • The mindset and habits you can adopt to help fuel your own curiosity and creativity 
  • Why employees having a ‘side hustle’ can be great for your organisation
  • How creativity can be a force for good and help solve BIG world problems
  • The benefits of visual learning and visual literacy to help foster greater critical thinking
  • Why the greatest risk for organisations and leaders is in not being creative

As always, there are some great thought experiments such as:

  • Bond Villan Lair or University Island?
  • Dessert Island Discs


Tanya Chua@Linkedin 

Learn more about Tanya’s work at:

GIF Festival Singapore 

Visual Literacy with Brian Kennedy 

The Night Tiger

Creating Innovators


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