The Occupational Philosophers - A not-so-serious business podcast to spark Creativity, Imagination and Curiosity

Ep. 12: Accidental Mashups, mess ups and moments of genius!

October 28, 2021

In episode 12, The Occupational Philosophers dive into the world of Accidental Mashups, Insatiable Curiosity and how they drive Innovation. 

  • Why an insatiable curiosity is at the heart of entrepreneurialism (and it's how they see opportunities that other people miss) 
  • How being open to surprises, coincidences and mistakes we can deliver some fantastic insights that can drive innovation 
  • Why innovation is never linear (as much as we would like it to be!) 
  • The importance of asking curious questions and how two key questions kicked off two of the worlds most innovative companies 
  • How some of our most famous inventions are the result of accidents and unexpected mashups 
  • Why the most exciting phrase in science is "Mmmmm, that's funny" 
  • How unexpected incidences can bring around amazing insights - if you are open to them
  • Why you should always take the laundry out ahead of answering the telephone 
  • Maybe it's time to rethink the ven diagram 

They also explore such job interview questions such as: 

  • Why are manholes round?
  • Are you a hunter or gatherer?
  • What type of tree are you? 

As always there are some great thought experiments including:

  • Word mashups 
  • A deep dive into the psychology of choices (and what it says about your life) 

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